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TA05 Mobil 1 SC

tamiya ta05 mobil 1 sc


  • Model #: 58375
  • Gallery: View
  • Released: 2007
  • Prebuilt: No
  • Category: Cars
  • Chassis: TA05
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Use: Onroad
  • Style: Touring car
  • Config: MA
  • Driveline: Belt
  • Body: Polycarbonate
  • Finished body: No
  • Susp. front: Wishbone
  • Susp. rear: Wishbone

Photo gallery samples

Visit the full Tamiya TA05 Mobil 1 gallery >

JANG's Impressions

Tamiya may have enjoyed a lot of podium finishes with their top-of-the-line TRF 414, 415, & 416 sedans, but the prices of those rigs made them purely "dream machines" for most hobbyists. Thankfully, there remains the TA series, descendants of what was widely considered to be the first production RC "touring car." In 2005, the baton was passed to the TA-05, an utterly race-worthy chassis sold at a price most onroad racing enthusiasts could afford.

You have to actually assemble the TA05 from kit form to appreciate its simplicity and thoughtful engineering. The frotn & rear diff cases are identical. Most parts are keyed together tightly to increase rigidity without adding the weight of extra material or superfluous hardware. All 4 shocks are built the same. The motor & center spur/pulley mount, though cast, is a bit of a work of art unto itself, the product of a mind that truly thinks in 3 dimensions simultaneously. The spur gear & pullies are placed exactly halfway between the front & rear diffs, which allows for equal length belts and places the heavy mass of the motor very close to the center of the car to minimize its effect on the car's yaw inertia. The servo is mounted low and as close to the centerline as it can be.

On the adjustability side of things, at least three quarters of the tuning adjustments any experienced racer would want to do to the car can be accomplished out of the box with the original base-level car. Nearly all of the rest are available through Tamiya upgrade sets, and/or in later revisions.

On the local race track, the car handled markedly better with even the kit-stock setup than any earlier Tamiya chassis I've tested. It was far from perfect, but even more important than its handling was its predictability. Once the tires warmed up, I encountered the same at each corner on each lap, until my tires started to change from wear-in. Making matters better still, the car responded noticeably to tuning changes, as the chassis is stiff enough and suspension parts have sufficiently tight tolerances.

I'm definitely looking forward to more on-track time with this car, and to testing out the later "version 2" release which features quite a number of alterations inspired by the TRF416X.

Building tips

See the whole buildup, with photos, in the Tamiya TA05 Mobil 1 SC build thread on the forum.