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Tamiya M-03 Chassis

tamiya m-03


  • Galleries: View
  • Introduced: 1998
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Primary use: Onroad
  • Config:MF
  • Driveline: Gearbox
  • Body: Polycarbonate
  • Susp. front: Wishbone
  • Susp. rear: Wishbone

The M-03 was Tamiya's second short-wheelbase front-wheel-drive chassis and the most popular of all of the "minis." Like the M-01 it replaced, the M-03 placed the motor behind the front axle and provided power through a reduction gearbox. The M-03 features a more longitudinally-arranged gearbox that moved the center of gravity slightly rearward, but the servo was moved from the rear of the chassis to a directly-linked position above the motor. The M-03 was offerred in three different wheelbase lengths thanks to simple chassis extension plates, with the long and extra long versions receiving the -M ("medium") and -L ("long") designations.

Pros: Scale appearance, very fun driving dynamics, decent aftermarket support Cons: FWD limits power transfer to the ground

Tamiya M-03 models

Model # Name Released Prebuilt?
58211 Rover Mini Cooper Racing 1998 No
58234 Suzuki Wagon R RR n/a No
58265 Toyota bB (M03-L) n/a No
58295 BMW New Mini Cooper (M03-L) 2002 No
57736 XB RTR Mini Cooper Monte Carlo 2005 Yes
57742 XB RTR Mini Cooper 2005 Yes
58368 Suzuki Swift Super 1600 (M-03M) 2006 No
57754 XB RTR Suzuki Swift Super 1600 (M-03M) 2006 Yes
49417 M-03R Chassis Kit 2007 No
57773 XB RTR Mini Cooper S 2006 (M03-L) 2008 Yes
58400 MINI Cooper S 2006 (M03-L) 2008 No
57787 XB RTR Fiat 500 (M-03M) 2009 Yes
58427 Fiat 500 (M-03M) 2009 No