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Tamiya FF01 Chassis

tamiya ff01


  • Galleries: View
  • Introduced: 1993
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Primary use: Onroad
  • Config: FF
  • Driveline: Gearbox
  • Body: Polycarbonate
  • Susp. front: Wishbone
  • Susp. rear: Wishbone

Leave it to Tamiya to again introduce an unnecessary but much-welcomed level of scale accuracy by creating a front-motor, front wheel drive chassis for RC to don bodies of real-world FF-layout vehicles. The FF01 uses a tub chassis with transverse battery mount lifted straight from the TA02 with which it shares a number of parts. In fact, the original designation of the FF01 was "TA02 FF." A 2WD offroad-style motor & gearbox are mounted up front, leaving plenty of room for steering components behind the axles. Behind the battery there's not much going on, with a narrow, empty box structure providing some rigidity and TA02 rear hubs sporting special floating axles with no drive cups. Those hubs provide 1 degree of toe-in for stability, but are reversible to create toe-out for racers on tight, technical tracks trying to combat the inherent on-power understeer of the FWD setup and its light rear end that generates a limited amount of yaw inertia.

Pros: Realistic FWD driving experience, simple, well-protected drivetrain Cons: Inferior handling to 4WD chassis with better weight balance

FF01 models

Model # Name Released Prebuilt? Galleries    
58121 Idemitsu Motion Mugen Civic n/a No      
58127 Castrol Honda Civic VTI n/a No      
58131 Toyota Tom's Levin n/a No      
58133 Jaccs Civic n/a No      
58138 Renault Clio Williams (Limited) n/a No      
58143 Ford Mondeo BTCC Touring Car n/a No      
58147 Castrol Nissan Primera JTCC n/a No      
58151 Calsonic Nissan Primera JTCC n/a No      
58159 HKS Opel Vectra JTCC 1995 No    
58162 Volkswagen Golf VR6 n/a No      
58167 Toyota Toms EXIV JTCC n/a No      
58183 Volvo 850 BTCC n/a No      
58186 PIAA Accord VTEC n/a No      
58190 Honda Jaccs Accord n/a No      
58206 Volkswagen Golf V5 n/a No      
58217 Volkswagen New Beetle n/a No