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Tamiya Buggy Chassis

Note: This list is far from complete! If you would like to make any corrections or additions, please submit your feedback on the forums. Thanks!

Drive configuration: First letter = motor position (Forward, Mid, Rear), second letter = driven wheels (Front, All, Rear)

Electric buggy series

Name Released Models Drive config* Drivetrain Motor size
DB01 - Durga, Baldre 2007 3 MA Belt drive 540
DF01 - Manta Ray, etc. 1990 12 MA Shaft drive 540
DF02 - Gravel Hound, Rising Storm, Plasma Edge 2004 6 MA Shaft drive 540
DF03 - Dark Impact, etc. (see also DF-03Ra) 2006 3 MA Shaft drive 540
DT01     RR -- 540
DT02 - Sand Viper, etc. 2005 7 RR Gearbox 540
GB-01 - TamTech-Gear minis   4 RR Gearbox 370

Individually-named electric buggies

Name Released Based on Drive config* Drivetrain Motor size
Buggy Champ (Rough Rider re-release) 2009 Rough Rider RR Gearbox 540
Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) 1984 n/a RR Gearbox 540
The Frog 1983, 2005 n/a RR Gearbox 370
Hot Shot 1985, 2007 n/a MA Gearbox 540
Rising Fighter 2008 Grasshopper II RR Gearbox 540
Rough Rider (re-released as the Buggy Champ) 1979 n/a RR Gearbox 540

Quick Drive Series

Model Name
46029 The Baja King (red)
46030 The Baja King (blue)
46035 QD Gravel Hound

Nitro buggies

Name Released Models
NDF01 n/a n/a
  n/a n/a